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Mentoring Lab Prep Project Training

Turning disadvantage of digital into advantage – join us for an innovative digital training course for mentors.

AI, SCORM, chatbot/WebGL. The tools for building the course are a chatbot platform solution with artificial intelligence – skilly the bot, which allows to simulate communication and to recreate role scenarios. Animations and illustrations are used for enhanced visual effect. Quizzes are included in the course. SCORM software was used for additional graphic design, interactivity and LMS compatibility. In addition to technological innovation, the course has a high level of creativity in the content itself and includes several tools – for adapting mentorship approach – DISC model as well as PIAV model to identify the driving forces (motivators) of the mentee. Learn to create rapport through behavioural intelligence and other.

Be with us on 30.03.2021 6:00 PM-7:30 PM BG/Sofia Time (EEST, GMT+2)

Language: English

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Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn more about the art of effective mentoring and Shapers of Tomorrow Mentoring Programme.

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